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Do you have a cabinet full of hard drives with video files on them or a store room full of video tapes and disks? Is finding archived footage becoming increasingly difficult? Protecting, storing and managing media files is a growing concern in every industry. Media content from a variety of sources, and in a variety of formats, is rapidly expanding.

Organizations waste significant time and money organizing, searching for, then often failing to find their media assets. Backups, if done at all, are usually multiple copies of hard drives stored in a closet. Production budgets are tighter so being able to store, find and repurpose existing media is critical. Research estimates that more than $8,000 per year is wasted per media professional and that more than a third of media searches fail without effective digital media management.  The cost of losing a single piece of important media is incalculable.

Rom² customized CatDV solution tackles all these problems. If you or your company creates digital media we can help you protect, organize, communicate and collaborate effectively. Our simple yet powerful tools support sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way.

Do you want to trust your critical media to the "Cloud" or do you want to know where and how it is stored and have guaranteed 24/7 rapid access to your files?  Our system is easy to use and  has one of the lowest costs for storage and management of any system in the market. Unlike most cloud based systems, we offer personalized service from a team of professionals with production and duplication experience.  We understand your problems and know how to put together solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Our system protects your media and organizes it so you and your team can get more done, saving both time and money.

Contact us today to find out how we can protect your valuable media and simplify your workflow with our storage, management and archiving solutions.


From just 1 to 1,000,000 We specialize in quick turn duplication. You can choose a standard 2-3 day turn or next and same day expedited services. We will deliver your project when you need it [more]


Web Key is a great tool in your marketing arsenal, directing your audience to an exact web location.  This allows excellent control of content, direction and most importantly ROI.  Valuable tool in directing large groups to secure information.


Quick turn accurate duplication or large projects requiring screen printing and packaging. Rom Squared is a leader in USB Storage Technology [more]


ROM 2 can convert your 1”, Betacam, BetacamSP, ¾” Umatic, DVC Pro, M2 formats analog video tape to: Windows Media, MPEG (1,2,4) Quicktime (H264, Pro Res,Standard), Flash video, and AVI. Video encoding for mobile devices (ios and Android),and MP3 or WAV audio.[more]


Our facility can convert most known formats to longterm archive solutions.We specialize in digital asset management and storage[more]


Our system protects your media and organizes it so you and your team can get more done, saving both time and money. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your storage, management and archiving needs..[more]

ROM Squared Archive Services

50 years of experience in all media formats.

• 3/4' U Matic • 1" • BetaCam • D2 • BetaCam-SP • 3/4" U Matic-SP


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