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webkey duplicationRom Squared offers webkey duplication services! The webkey is an impressive, stand out promotional tool, with an impressive high tech appearance—similar to a USB flash drive.  The Webkey is a very unique device, designed to send a user to a specific webpage that is dedicated to your campaign or promotion.

The webkey eliminates the frustration of users misspelling URLs, which can deter a potential user from getting to your important message. Sit back and let the webkey do the work! Simply place the webkey in your USB port and watch as your URL automatically loads! Toss away the complicated lengthy URL address and let the webkey do its magic.

Once the user visits your website you will be able to garner extremely valuable analytic information to gauge the effectiveness of your promotion:  IP, geographical reference, number of visits,  repeat visitors, the time and day, what browser was used, etc.  Ask your representative how to retrieve additional analytics to determine or confirm your return on investment (ROI).

The enticements of the many webkey shapes, combined with printed powerful graphics will prove to be too irresistible for your target audience not to activate the webkey!

Please contact our sales staff at any time for all your webkey questions:  you may call us at 414-221-9000 or simply click here to email .


  • The webkey has a maximum of 60kB (Up to 115 characters) capacity
  • Cross platform friendly to work with various operating systems: WIN8/Mac
  • Algorithm pre-programmed to direct user to one micro site (URL)

Turn time from APPROVED art is 17 working days including shipping (This is a firm turn time, the manufacturers view this as a commodity and literally produce millions a day.  A project of 1000 plus embedded in printed material is not considered a large enough project to change their production procedure).

The only modification to the above turn time would be if the webkey chips were preloaded and NOT embedded in print material.

As a rule there is no template, which might seem to be unusual, but the beauty of creating a visual graphic in which the webkey can be made virtually into any shape gives the graphic artist artistic freedom to create. All that is needed is a dotted outline of the shape of the webkey and a 3mm border between the webkey and the printed piece.


From just 1 to 1,000,000 We specialize in quick turn duplication. You can choose a standard 2-3 day turn or next and same day expedited services. We will deliver your project when you need it [more]


Web Key is a great tool in your marketing arsenal, directing your audience to an exact web location.  This allows excellent control of content, direction and most importantly ROI.  Valuable tool in directing large groups to secure information.


Quick turn accurate duplication or large projects requiring screen printing and packaging. Rom Squared is a leader in USB Storage Technology [more]

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